Altered Class


Cars built to 1969 NHRA, AHRA rules allowed.


All vehicles must meet NHRA tech to run.

Seat Belts must be up-to-date.

Trans-shields or blankets and/or blow proof bellhousings must be employed.  

Wings: No front wings allowed

Rear wings may be attached to the top of the roll cage only.  

No rear wings on stands or risers.

Wheelie bars allowed.


Blown, injected and/or carbs allowed.

Any fuel allowed.

Super Chargers: GMC/Roots-type, 8:71 max displacement. No modern Paxton or Vortec 

Fuel Injection: Mechanical fuel injection only—no electronic fuel injection.

No turbo

No nitrous

Single distributor or magneto systems only.

MSD-type or other electronic ignition allowed.

Rev-limiter allowed, but for engine protection only; may not be used on launch

No electronic delay boxes, light timers, throttle controls or anything of that nature.

Cast aluminum or iron intakes only. No sheet metal intakes.

Vintage-style U-Fab tube intakes allowed

Aftermarket heads and blocks allowed.

 Any transmission allowed

Trans brake allowed, but no 2-step or other rev limiter allowed on launch.


1/8-mile/ Pro .400 tree


A          4.50

B          4.75

C          5.00

D         5.50

E          6.00

F          6.50

G          7.00

H         7.50

J           8.00

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