Front Engine Dragster (FED)

Front Engine Dragster

Cars built to 1969 NHRA, AHRA rules allowed.

Front Engine Dragster

All vehicles must meet NHRA tech to run.

Seat Belts must be up-to-date.

Trans-shields or blankets and/or blow proof bellhousings must be employed.

Wings: Front Wings Allowed

Wings in front of the rear tires allowed.

NO rear-mounted wings on risers

Wheelie bars allowed


Blown, injected and/or carbs allowed.

Any fuel allowed.

GMC/Roots-type, 8:71 max displacement. No modern Paxton or Vortec 

Mechanical fuel injection only—no electronic fuel injection.

No turbo

No nitrous

Single distributor or magneto systems only.

No electronic delay boxes, light timers, throttle controls or anything of that nature.

MSD-type or other electronic ignition allowed.

Rev-limiter allowed, but for engine protection only; may not be used on launch

Cast aluminum or iron intakes only. No sheet metal intakes.

Vintage-style U-Fab tube intakes allowed

Aftermarket heads and blocks allowed.

Any transmission allowed

Trans brake allowed, but no 2-step or other rev limiter allowed on launch.

Wheelie Bars Allowed.


1/8-mile/ Pro .400 tree


A          4.50

B          4.75

C          5.00

D         5.50

E          6.00

F          6.50

G          7.00

H         7.50

J           8.00

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