Gasser Class

Sponsored By Lamar Walden Automotive

Sponsored by Lamar Walden Automotive

Gasser Class

All vehicles must meet NHRA tech to run.

Seat Belts must be up-to-date.

Trans-shields or blankets and/or blow proof bellhousings must be employed.


No wings, front spoilers or other aero enhancements

No modern hood scoops, no modern paint schemes

No Pro-Mod, Outlaw, or full tube-frame cars.

We’d like to see vintage style or stock wheels here, but modern wheels won’t get you tossed.

Original flip-body, center-steer cars such as Zorro’s Charger, or the Prock & Howell ’33 Willys, or other similarly styled cars that originally competed in Gas in the ’60s are allowed in our class today.

Fiberglass bodies allowed.

Chopped tops allowed.

Wheelie bars allowed.


We prefer nose-high, and straight axles.  SHOULD have a traditional gasser stance—nose-high, baby!

HOWEVER, we know a lot of cars that ran in the gasser classes in the ‘60s used stock front suspensions, or were even lowered in the nose. So we do not have any rules regarding front end height or front suspension.


No nitrous

No turbo

No electronic fuel injection.

No electronic delay boxes, light timers, throttle controls or anything of that nature.

MSD-type or other electronic ignition allowed.

Single distributor or magneto systems only.

Rev-limiter allowed, but for engine protection only; may not be used on launch

Cast aluminum or iron intakes only. No sheet metal intakes.

Vintage-style U-Fab tube intakes allowed

Aftermarket heads and blocks allowed.

GMC/Roots-type, 8:71 max displacement. Original 1950s McCollouch, Judson, etc. other brands allowed. No modern Paxton or Vortec 

Any transmission allowed

Trans brake allowed, but no 2-step or other rev limiter allowed on launch.

No “extenders” mounted below bumper to trip the lights

Wheelie bars allowed.

SHOULD have a traditional gasser stance—nose-high, baby!

Sponsored by Lamar Walden Automotive
GASSER Classes

1/8-mile/Sportsman Tree .500

AA/G   5.50

BB/G   6.00

A/G     6.50

B/G     7.00

C/G     7.50

D/G     8.00

E/G     8.00

F/G      9.00 and slower

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