Muscle Car and Hot Rod Class

Muscle Car and Hot Rod Class

1974 and older vehicles, including trucks and Altered Wheel Base cars.

Muscle Car and Hot Rod Class

All vehicles must meet NHRA tech to run.

Seat Belts must be up-to-date.

Trans-shields or blankets and/or blow proof bell housings must be employed.

1974 and older vehicles, including trucks and Altered Wheel Base cars.

“Fiberglass body panels allowed.”

“Full-fendered or fenderless”

“Any hood scoop allowed.”

“Any engine allowed. “

“Aftermarket block and heads allowed.”

Back-halved cars allowed

No full tube frame

No pro-mod style cars

Any hood scoop allowed.

Rear wing allowed (including non-stock sheet metal deck wings and spoilers)

Front spoilers allowed (including non-stock sheet metal chin spoilers)

No “extenders” on chin spoilers allowed.

Any transmission allowed. Does NOT need to be brand-correct (Powerglide in a Ford, Doug Nash, Lenco, etc.)

Power-Adders LEGAL.

Single Roots-type superchargers, Vortec, Paxton superchargers, turbochargers allowed.

Screw-blowers NOT allowed.

Nitrous allowed.

Sheet metal intakes allowed.

No electronic fuel injection or engine management

No traction control

No electric or pneumatic throttle control

Rev-limiter allowed on launch

No electronic delay boxes, light timers, throttle controls or anything of that nature.

Transbrake allowed.

Cars 1964 and older may also enter the Hot Rod Class; Racers will have to buy a tech card for each class.

Muscle Car Class

Quarter Mile/ Full Sportsman Tree

Class Index:

AAAA   8.50

AAA     8.75

AA       9.00

A          9.25

B          9.50

C          9.75

D         10.00

E          10.50

F          11.00

G          11.50

H         12.00

I           12.50

J           13.00

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